Tuesday, 27 September 2011

                                          Time for food - Oil on canvas - 50cm by 40cm

                                                Mothers love Oil on canvas

                                           Trees in the sunset - mixed media

                                               Budleigh Estuary - Oil on canvas

                                           New Zealand mushrooms in the forrest -Oil on canvas
                                                    cosmic drip - oil on canvas
                                           Australian fairy wren - oil on canvas
                                                 Scoma island puffin - oil on canvas
                                           Dream light - oil on canvas

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My Art

Welcome to my Art Blog

Peace & Love    Original Oil on Canvas          £275

Wild Landscape  Original Oil on Canvas          £275

Happiness forever  Original Oil on Canvas    £75 

Eagle Original Oil on canvas  Size 40cm by 50cm     £150

Irish Cottage Original Oil on canvas  Size 40cm by 30cm   £75

Kingfisher waiting for his supper Original Oil on canvas  Size 40cm by 40cm  £150

Reflection   £150    Sold

Dartmoor Original Oil on canvas   Size 40cm by 40cm     £75

Diving eagle Original Oil on canvas  Size 40cm by 40cm   £75

Dancing Eagle Original Oil on canvas   Size 40cm by 40cm  £150

Diving Kingfisher Original Oil on canvas Size 40cm by 40cm  £200

Butterfly Original Mixed Media  Size 40cm by 40cm      £75

Iris with dew Original Oil on canvas  Size 40cm by 40cm   £75

Bubble Iris  Original Mixed Media  Size 40cm by 40cm    £75

Butterfly         £150    Sold

Mother and Baby Original Oil on canvas   40cm by 50  £250

Look at me Mum Original Oil on canvas size 30cm by 40 cm   £150

Evening Calm         £250  Sold

African Landscape       £200  Sold

This is fun mum Original Oil on canvas  size 40cm by 30cm    £175